About Us

Jieba strives to deliver the highest quality vacuum cleaners, brush machines, foam machines, and drying machines.

Taizhou Jieba Cleaning Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of cleaning products integrating design, production, sales and service. With advanced production technology and modern enterprise management mode, we provide customers with high-quality solutions

High-quality materials create extraordinary quality products.


We provide 100%
vacuum cleaners, brush machines,
foam machines, and drying machines.


What Makes Us Extraordinary

JieBa shares a continuous growth of 300%+ year-over-year annual growth in hydraulic valve and manufacturing services. These are the features that make us stand out.

Cost-effective Price and efficiency

Jieba has its own factory in Ningbo, China. This will reduce the price by up to 30% and make the delivery cycle more reliable.

Strict Quality Control

With strict quality control, the product is low cost but good quality. 

Save Time, Save Money

Industrial-grade thick barrel, impact-resistant and non-deformable, large capacity, no need to dump dust frequently.

Why Choose Us

The appearance design of the products we produce is beautiful and atmospheric, with dual functions of wet and dry.

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