Cómo Utilizar un aspirador Industrial

For cleaning, families generally use brooms and mops to clean up, but this often creates a problem in that dust is created when sweeping. Vacuum cleaners can solve this problem. There are many kinds of vacuum cleaners, such as household vacuum cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners. Next, let me introduce the use of industrial vacuum cleaners and the precautions in the use of it.

A. industrial vacuum cleaner use method

1.Industrial vacuum cleaners can not be used at will. Various models and specifications of vacuum cleaners, their structural performance, functional characteristics are not the same. Therefore, you must read the instruction manual carefully before using the vacuum cleaner to avoid damage to the vacuum cleaner and endanger personal safety due to improper use.

2.The use of industrial vacuum cleaners have requirements for the place. The vacuum cleaner should be used at an altitude of not more than 1000 meters, with good ventilation, ambient temperature of not more than 40℃ and no flammable or corrosive gas in the air, in a dry room or similar environment.

3.The use of industrial vacuum cleaners should pay attention to safety. Before use, access the socket and connect the ground wire to ensure the safety of electricity. Confirm the working time of the industrial vacuum cleaner before use, if it is a 220V carbon brush light industrial vacuum cleaner use time should not exceed 4 hours, after four hours of continuous work, please rest half an hour and then work, if you encounter special circumstances require continuous work that the use of time should not exceed 8 hours, or you can alternate between several motors to achieve the effect of long hours of work, so that the motor has a rest time. If you need 24 hours of non-stop work, please choose 380V brushless industrial vacuum cleaner, such a large motor can work 24 hours without stopping supporting.

4.Different places, different suction power. Before using any industrial vacuum cleaner, you should adjust the size of the suction power depending on the different places of cleaning. Generally there is a round hole in the bend tube with an adjustment ring on it. When the adjusting ring covers the hole on the bend, the suction power is maximum, and when the adjusting ring makes the round hole completely exposed, the suction power is minimum. There are also industrial vacuum cleaners that use the motor speed regulation method to adjust the suction power.

B.What are the precautions for use

First of all, it is recommended that you must operate correctly, so that you can ensure the use of the effect more, but also to make the indoor environment more thorough cleaning effect to avoid a variety of quality problems, we are more at ease in the process of use, so that the indoor environment becomes more clean and tidy, the air in the dust particles will be effective adsorption, for everyone’s health can bring better protection The second thing is that you must be able to do a reasonable job. Secondly, we must be able to reasonably carry out regular checks, the purpose of doing so is to avoid a variety of serious failure problems without knowing, because many hidden problems do not directly cause failure when they appear again, after a period of application will appear more serious problems, it is recommended that we must regularly check, if the frequency of use is very high, it is recommended that you need to carry out a half-monthly A comprehensive overhaul, so that you can avoid a variety of failure problems and affect the use of the effect. If it is not overhauled for a long time, there may be safety risks.

Vacuum cleaners are different from water vacuuming. If the vacuum cleaner is sucking a large amount of water (or liquid), make sure to remove the dust compartment (or paper bag, cloth bag) and the cartridge, and then use the vacuum cleaner to suck water. If the suction power decreases significantly during use, please turn off the machine in time, remove the dust separator and high efficiency cartridge and clean it up, check whether the hose extension tube is blocked, and then install the high efficiency cartridge and dust separator to start using the machine again.


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