What is the Difference Between a Vacuum Cleaner and an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners have become an indispensable tool in life as they are a great help in cleaning waste. However, many people have the impression that vacuum cleaners are only for home use, but they do not know that vacuum cleaners are very widely used, and many factory workshops are now using vacuum cleaners to clean the factory floor.

Can we use vacuum cleaners in factories for domestic use? The answer is of course no.

A home vacuum cleaner, as the name suggests, is a vacuum cleaner that we usually use at home, and is generally used to suck up dust at home, such as some small trash like hair or paper scraps. Industrial vacuum cleaners are used to suck up the waste produced by factories in the production process, such as sucking up dust, iron filings, wood chips, etc. It has higher requirements for vacuum cleaners.

What is the difference between a home vacuum cleaner and an industrial vacuum cleaner?

①Working principle is different

Home vacuum cleaners use the fan impeller driven by the motor at high speed, the blades in the impeller continuously do work on the air, so that the air in the impeller gets energy and is discharged from the fan at a very high speed.

The vacuum cleaner forms an instantaneous vacuum inside and a negative pressure difference with the outside. Under this negative pressure difference, the garbage and dust enter the vacuum cleaner with the airflow and pass through the filter inside the vacuum cleaner, leaving the garbage and dust in the ash storage box, while the air is filtered and then discharged from the vacuum cleaner into the room, completing the whole process of vacuuming.

Industrial vacuum cleaner adopts AC power supply, its working principle is to use the motor to drive the high pressure sub-machine to produce negative pressure in the limited volume, so as to produce suction, the medium is inhaled and filtered through the filter bag or filter barrel for secondary filtration, after the addition of exhaust pipe can be used to suck off the smoke, gas, etc. produced during the production operation.

②Different materials

In fact, we can distinguish household vacuum cleaners from industrial vacuum cleaners with the naked eye, the material of household vacuum cleaners, mostly plastic-based, compact and lightweight, beautiful design. Industrial vacuum cleaners are mainly to be strong and durable, thus most of the industrial vacuum cleaners will use metal materials for accessories, which are very strong.

③Power, power source is different

Generally speaking, household vacuum cleaners suck up small volume and light weight substances, so its power is also smaller and the voltage is basically 220 volts. In the workshop, to deal with dust, etc., the vacuum cleaner needs to have a more powerful suction to complete the cleaning work, which requires the power of the vacuum cleaner to be large, generally more than 3600W, much larger than the household vacuum cleaner. It uses 380 volts of power electricity as the power source, which can support the vacuum cleaner to work continuously for 24 hours.

④Different capacity

Industrial vacuum cleaners use a variety of filtration, you can choose to configure a variety of different materials and a variety of different filtration methods, and thus there are different requirements in the storage bucket from the household vacuum cleaners, the capacity is relatively large. The household ones do not have so many requirements and are generally ash storage bins with a small capacity.

In the process of modern industrial development, environmental pollution problems are becoming more and more serious, industrial vacuum cleaners in the cleaning work of enterprises also play an increasingly important role, which also requires business personnel must correctly deal with the problem of workshop waste, choose the right vacuum cleaner, to give employees a healthy working environment.


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